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Dosage: Pedigree & Performance

Dosage:Pedigree & Performance

By Steve Roman Ph.D. · Hardcover · 200 pages

Product # RM-02-177 · $40.00


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The first and only comprehensive book on dosage from its creator, Steve Roman

Originator of the contemporary Dosage System, Steve Roman has, at last, written the definitive book on the subject.

Although originally devised as a breeding theory, Dosage has evolved into a pedigree classification technique used by owners, breeders and handicappers to buy, breed and bet on the best.

Roman's research and development of the roster of chefs-de-race, those prepotent sires that have shaped the breed, has changed the way Thoroughbreds are bred, bought and sold.

Here is just some of the data you'll find in this comprehensive book:

  • The history of Dosage
  • Chef-de-race listings as of 2002 arranged both alphabetically and by aptitudinal group
  • How to calculate Dosage in any pedigree
  • History of Dosage in the Breeders' Cup
  • Dosage figures for Steeplechase Champions since 1948
  • Dosage figures by racetrack
  • Dosage comparisons of Claiming Horses and Stakes Horses
  • Criteria for Chef-de-race selection
  • Dual-Qualifiers
  • Dosage figures for winners of Grade I stakes - 1990-2002
  • Dosage Profile Contributions of the 150 Leading Sires of 2001
  • Dosage figures for Prominent Thoroughbred Runners
  • Aptitudinal guidelines for non-chef-de-race sires and broodmare sires
  • Bruce Lowe Family figures for classic winners since 1940
  • Sire Influences for Turf Ability
  • Sire Influences for Early Maturity

If you are serious about Thoroughbreds, you need this book.


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