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Equifacts Horse Management Software




Horse Management Software

Basic Edition ∑ CD

Product # RM-05-130 ∑ Was $129.95

Sale - Now Just $90.97!*


See below for system requirements.

Manage your horses, farm and clients with our easy-to-use software

If youíre going to manage your horses properly, you need to keep a lot of records. Records on shoeing, teasing, breeding, worming, health, lameness, training and all the rest. Record keeping around our farm usually meant jotting a few notes on a calendar. We tried a few computerized horse record-keeping systems but all were slow, clunky and poorly organized.

We knew what we wanted in a computerized record-keeping system. We assembled the best team of computer nerds we could find to program it for us - guys that didnít know a horse from a mule but could probably hack their way into the Kremlinís computers if we asked them to. We call our software record-keeping system Equifacts - Horse Management Software. We use Equifacts - Horse Management Software with our own horses and it is exactly what we were looking for and probably what you are looking for, too.

Equifacts - Horse Management Software is a simple-to-use, yet powerful piece of software which tracks vital information about your horses. It allows you to record what was done to the horse (wormed, shod, vaccinated, etc.), who performed the procedure, what the results were and how much it cost. You can cross-reference all this information by horse, owner or stable. You can easily access this information when you need it at a later date or use the powerful reporting feature to print out the information in a way that makes sense. You can print a report for a single horse, a single owner or an entire stable.  There's no limit to the number of horses you can enter into Equifacts - Horse Management Software.

Equifacts - Horse Management Software tracks:
Hoofcare, Worming, Lameness, General Health, Feeding, Shoeing, Emergency Data, Inoculations, Medications, Training/Conditioning, Breeding & Teasing, Stallion Bookings & Fertility, Addresses & Phone Numbers, plus much more.  Click here for an extensive list of features.  

Equifacts - Horse Management Software handles the records for a one-horse farm or a major breeding or training operation. It outperforms all other horse management software, even those selling for much more! Equifacts - Horse Management Software is the state-of-the-art horse management software for horsemen with the goal of winning.

You can view and/or print an Adobe Acrobat version of the Basic Equifacts manual.    

If you do not have Adobe Reader, click on the Adobe icon to download the program for free.        


Requires a Pentium PC computer, MS Windows 95 or above, CD-ROM drive,
8 Mb RAM, and 10 MB hard disk space. Computer software sold on a non-returnable basis.

*Discount applied at checkout


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