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The Estes Formula for Breeding Stakes Winners

The Estes Formula
for Breeding Stakes Winners

By Joseph A. Estes · Softcover · 96 pages

Product # RM-02-180 · $24.95


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One Stakes Winner from every Eight Matings!

An average breeder will produce 1 stakes winner for every 48 matings. But, if you know how to do it, you can, on average, produce 1 stakes winner from every 8 matings.

This is the book that tells you how it is done. The late J.A. Estes was the editor of the Blood-Horse, an author, self taught geneticist, bloodstock expert and creator of the Jockey Club's database. Estes studied the genetic principles responsible for improvements in breeding livestock and applied those principles to the breeding of racehorses. His formula for breeding a stakes winner is based on sound genetic principles and is statistically reliable. It's the same formula which many insiders use today. Although his research was based on Thoroughbreds, his formula is equally adaptable for Standardbreds.

The Estes Formula for Breeding Stakes Winners is a step-by-step guide to breeding better racehorses. It debunks the myths of horse breeding and explains in simple language the precise method of dramatically improving the odds of breeding (or buying) a stakes winner.


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