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Modern Pacing Sire Lines


Modern Pacing Sire Lines

By John Bradley · Hardcover · 416 pages

Product # RM-02-450 · Was $39.95

Sale - Now Just $10!


The top 50 pacing sires of the modern era

Modern Pacing Sire Lines, John Bradley's long awaited sequel to Modern Trotting Sire Lines, is now available. This work represents over two years of in-depth research. Bradley gives a straightforward, objective analysis to 50 of today's leading pacing sires and devotes an entire chapter to each.

In Modern Pacing Sire Lines, Bradley analyzes each horse sire-by-sire, dam-by-dam, cross-by-cross, nick-by-nick. He suggests links in the pedigree of each horse leading to its success, reviews the bloodlines that work best with each stallion and mare line, and discusses strategies to take advantage of the strength of each horse.

Bradley begins by thoroughly analyzing each sire's racing career. He recaps their two- and three-year-old campaigns, including their greatest victories, and narrow defeats. Bradley includes lesser known information on many sires, including conformation, temperament, and often, the trail of ownership. Bradley also provides each sire's race record.

Bradley then looks toward each horse's sire and maternal lines. He analyzes each horse's sire, noting their success in the breeding shed. He includes an overview of the dam's racing career, the pedigree of her offspring and their racing performance.

Drawing upon his vast knowledge of Standardbreds, Bradley discusses each sire's progeny of note. He also lists each sire's top ten fastest and richest progeny. He pinpoints crosses which are successful, producing 2:00, 1:55 or $1,000,000 pacers. He points out each sire's strengths, whether it is for performance, as a sire's sire, or as a broodmare sire.

Bradley gives a detailed analysis of each sire's strengths and suggests how breeders may take advantage of them. He explains which broodmare sire lines cross well with particular stallions, and which ones are unproven. He analyzes which bloodlines are best matched with the sire's broodmares. He tells which crosses have worked well together and which show promise. Inbreeding, linebreeding and outcrossing are discussed since they appear to work in specific ways with certain sires.

The 50 sires selected for study in Modern Pacing Sire Lines have been active since 1950 and represent a mix of currently popular stallions along with several generations of their ancestors. The older stallions selected have had an impact on the breed as outstanding sires or broodmare sires as recognized by their USTA ranking. In the case of the younger sires, their early performance has been promising and/or expectations are high. Modern Trotting Sire Lines is the companion book to Modern Pacing Sire Lines.


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