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Frequently Asked Questions

Barn Building


Q1)  What are some basic horse barn styles that I can choose from?

There are many different styles and sizes of horse barns. Each one depends on the climate of the area, the number of horses, the budget of the owner and the type of operation. 

Any and all styles can be two story in which hay/shavings/tractors can be stored above or single story in which hay/shavings/tractors can be stored in a separate building. 

  • Center aisle with stalls on both walls - One of the most common barn styles. Wash stalls and tack stalls can also be included in this format. This style suits a colder climate as it is not necessary to leave the building to do stall maintenance and feeding. Grooming and health checks can be done easily in this center aisle. Getting to and from an indoor arena is an easy option with a center aisle. 
  • Double row barn - Especially suitable for warmer climates. This barn has two rows of stalls back to back in the center of the building. The outlying "aisles" can be left open without walls for ventilation.  The roof would form an overhang to be protect the stalls from the rain.  There are many variations of these two types of barns which can include L-shapes, single rows, connected pens to each stall and even the uncommon but aesthetic round barn. 

For the single horse owner there are many variations of a single stall/run in shed building. 

  • Pole barn - The most basic and least expensive of all construction styles. This building which consists simply of pole corner supports and any type of sheet walls and roof can be an inexpensive and quick way to put up a horse building since no foundation is necessary. There are many contractors in most areas of the country that can provide you with a good sized pole barn in less than a week or two. Although they are often used for indoor arenas they can also be used as a main barn building. They can have sand or dirt floors as in the arena, or they can have poured concrete floors. However, one drawback is that unless you have planned very effective ventilation systems these buildings tend to be very warm in the summer and collect wall condensation which turns to ice in the extreme temperatures of winter. 
  • Masonry barn - This building can consist of concrete blocks (least expensive), bricks, adobe or stone. These buildings which are aesthetically pleasing and very sturdy keep a cool temperature in the summer but tend to be a bit damp in the winter. However, the cost is often a limiting factor and very large buildings of this type can take a long time to build. 
  • Metal building - For those who want to completely avoid the threat of fire. These are well priced and sturdy, however they tend to be "noisy" in high winds and driving rains as well as very cold in the winter.
  • Wood barn - This traditional type of barn, although it can become a bit pricey, can be personalized down to the last detail. In order to have a strong sturdy wood barn be sure to work with an experienced and well-respected builder. Building a wood barn is considered among many as an art form in itself.

Suggestions from other horsemen:

  • Alaska Structure fabric buildings - steel frame structure with commercial-grade vinyl fabric membrane. Made to withstand the extremes of Alaskan weather. Go to for more details. Choose "Residential/Recreational."


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