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Q4)  What do I do with the manure?

The average horse produces about forty-five pounds of manure and urine per day which adds up to about 8 tons of manure a year!  Disposing of this accumulation is a daunting task and takes time and consideration.

Ideally, manure is best disposed of in a covered pit or container with easy access for removal or clean-up.  Often this is cost prohibitive.  So the next situation to consider is piling the manure somewhere.  There are a few basic considerations when determining the location of the pile:

  • The location should be close enough to the barn to be easily reached by wheelbarrow or buckets;  if you have a small tractor or garden tractor to haul the buckets out, the pile can be located farther away from the barn or house;
  • The pile should be far enough away from the barn and neighbors so that flies don't overflow into the barn or neighboring property;
  • The ideal location is downwind from the neighbors; have several alternative locations planned out for seasonal wind shifts.

An alternative would be to compost the manure.  If done right, the manure will eventually become fertilizer that people will actually pay to haul away!  Some landscapers may agree to haul it away at no cost to you.

Contact your county agricultural extension agent for guidelines and advice.  

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