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Q12)  How do premiums relate to age, type, and use of horse?

Insurance rates vary by age, by breed, by discipline, and by classes of horses within each breed and discipline. It may not be possible to insure a horse in its mid-teens, for instance, whereas it would be comparatively simply to insure a younger animal.

Type makes a significant difference in availability and cost of insurance: halter horses, for example, cost much more to insure than do performance horses, because their physical condition is generally very poor.

Another factor is the use of the horse: a horse used exclusively for pleasure riding will cost less to insure than the same horse used as a show horse. A horse that competes in a discipline with a higher statistical risk will cost more to insure: a horse used for three-day-eventing or for steeple chasing, for instance, will be more expensive to insure than that same horse used exclusively for dressage or other flatwork.

Is there a short-term coverage for travel or shipping?

Limited Mortality insurance is often referred to as "shipping insurance." It covers death due to accident during the period contracted for the coverage.

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